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I Will Speak: Will You Hear? (Digital Download)

Solo for Marching Snare Drum


I Will Speak: Will You Hear? was written during a time when I was exploring music rooted in process. The influence of this music is especially clear in the first section where a strict metric pattern is used to organize the material (4/4, 15/16, 9/8).  In the same phrase, a second process emerges within the rimshot texture. These rimshots are not meant to be punctuating, but rather heard as a timbral change. Three rimshots occur in each bar after its onset, and therefore must be played and heard melodically, and lightly, in order to not overwhelm the music. The work is saturated in process and timbral nuance  and strives, like in much of my music, to reimagine the expressive possibility of marching snare drum. Complex material is balanced with surface appeal, and while there is a certain sporadicism to this musical language, a grounded quality pervades the overarching structure.

I Will Speak: Will You Hear? (Digital Download)

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